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Major events such as widespread storms can leave your restoration vendor’s resources stretched beyond capacity. That’s why it makes good sense to have a backup. Let us tell you why you should add Restore All to your trusted vendors list. Call today for an appointment.


It only takes one plumbing failure or even a small fire event to cause major water problems. And water intrusion often doesn’t announce itself until serious damage has already occurred. That’s why it’s critically important to have a team ready 24/7. Restore All will stop the leak or clean up after a fire or flood and address the extensive water damage that may have already taken place. Restore All has the resources for emergency water removal, leak mitigation, contents pack-out, in-place structural drying, and more, no matter the size or extent.

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While the red lights are still flashing and the water is still pouring, you’re already thinking about all the things that need to be done to return to normal. Restore All specializes in dealing with commercial, industrial, and multifamily post-fire restoration emergencies, and is ready 24/7 should you ever need to put us into action. Count on us for emergency water removal, structural drying, fire cleaning and deodorization, mold remediation, and more. Call Restore All – we’ll take it from there.

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Mold contamination usually occurs after a fire or water damage event. And dealing with the resulting issues requires specialized knowledge, training, skills, and equipment. Restore All is certified in mold inspection and remediation, and follows industry standards of care in the process. We’re experts in locating, containing, and eliminating mold after an event, protecting your occupants and your assets. Regardless of the size, source, or complexity of your mold problem, you can trust Restore All to handle it.

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When you get that call,
will you be ready?

You know the one; the one that tells you there’s a fire or major water intrusion at your property. The call you never want to get. In a perfect world, that call would never come. But you don’t live in a perfect world, do you?

The disruption of your normal operations is the worst part of an emergency event. And the one thought on your mind is getting back to normal as rapidly and seamlessly as possible. When disaster strikes, you need a team with the experience and resources to get you back quickly. Restore All is that team.

We hope you never get that call. But if you do, we’re here—and we’re ready 24/7. We’re the pros at turning disruption into done.

Call Restore All today to put us on standby for your commercial, industrial, or multifamily properties!